Gulf Coast Equine is all about client education!

Do you know how to check your horse’s TPR, or temperature, pulse, and respiration? Do you know what “normal” is for your horse in each of these areas?

If the answer to any of these is No, make sure to ask us for a quick lesson when we come out to see you! With these skills, you’ll be able to tell if your horse is not normal, and you can provide important information to the vet over the phone.

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What Are Normal Stats?



Adult Horse: 99.0 – 101.5 F

Foal: 99.0 – 102.0 F


Adult Horse: 28 – 44 BPM

Foal: 60 – 100 BPM 

Respiration, or Breaths per Minute

 Adult Horse: 8 – 16

Foal: 20 – 40

Normal TPR for your horse is something you will establish by checking it repeatedly over time. Making this part of your routine will help you catch early warning signs of problems. The more familiar you are with your horse, the easier it is to keep them in top condition!

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